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In the 1950s many folk had their first taste of motorised personal transport, with a "clip-on", using an old bicycle - for under £20 taxed, and insured, a new freedom was available. A group of Warwickshire enthusiasts who gathered for social runs in those less hurried times formed the "Magic Wheelers", whose badge we retain today.

Around 1980 some members of the VMCC who had for some time championed their "pop pops" or "Wilfreds" alongside larger machines, decided to form their own non-territorial group. Today the section organises various runs including the infamous 100 mile run. Our machines can be seen on display at 'Founders Day' and at various meetings across the country.


Cyclemotoring today

The Cyclemotor Section caters for V.M.C.C. members and others who may also have larger machines but are interested in the potential of smaller engines. We are known to be a friendly and easy going Section, not given to a lot of 'spit and polish', catering for those who enjoy motorcycling in a leisurely style.

Of necessity, our low speed allows us to delight in the sights and smells (some more pungent than others) of the countryside. We invite veteran and vintage machines too, as their owners are usually happy to find events that are generally shorter distances and often flatter routes, as long as participants are V.M.C.C. members, or for a small fee, non-members can sign in for a one-day membership (for insurance purposes – a sign of our times). Our aim is enjoyment - no timed sections or tests - just pleasure in motorcycling rather than speed and competition. We organise a healthy programme of events each year – currently around 17 riding events, and several static displays both within and outside of the VMCC. We are pleased to see that many Regional Sections also incorporate cyclemotor-friendly routes.

Many of our road runs have been happening for a long time. Amongst these are the annual 100 miler, an event held over a 33 mile route, which can be ridden three times for those stalwarts who want to gain a prestigious 100 mile badge for their efforts. It began around 1983, and has attracted over 60 riders on several occasions. It’s had a few different starting points, but is currently going from Quainton Memorial Hall, Buckinghamshire.

The Box Hill Run was started as homage to an event in the early 1950’s, when a group of journalists took a variety of Cyclemotors from the Burford Bridge Hotel, up and over Box Hill for a comparison trial. Our section event was held initially from the Surrey Oaks at Parkgate, with Box Hill staying firmly as just a backdrop, rather than a test of rider and machine. After a short break, it’s now back as a mid-week event, going from Newdigate Village hall.

We have also held 4 camping weekends, the initial two being held in Somerset, the current venue being at Peacehaven Farm, Ickford, by kind invitation of our friend Ivan Dutton, Bugatti specialist and small machine enthusiast.

All in all, we have events starting in January, going through to November when we hold our last proper run of the year, and our AGM, (and we’ll possibly be working on something for December, just to round off the year). Details of all our events will be found elsewhere on this website.

We hope that anyone with even a mild interest in our mainly little machines will feel free to pop over to see us at any of our events, but beware – the regular advice to newcomers is that this hobby is addictive! The size of many of our members’ collections is proof of this fact.

Machines should be 25 years or more old (exceptions can be made, but please check with the organiser), and these days, we get a large diversity of makes and models joining us – as well as the eponymous cyclemotors and autocycles, we are getting a lot of classic Japanese tiddlers, together with many other continental bikes, some with pedals, many without.

Our routes tend to be somewhere between 20 and 30 miles long, give or take, and the majority of organisers arrange a recovery service, as our little bikes are known for being a bit temperamental on occasions.